What happens when you make contact   

Entering Psychotherapy or Counselling is a significant step in anyone’s life and may be a new experience for you. You may find it helpful to consider these points:

  1. People seeking help can be referred by their GP or other concerned professional, or may make contact directly themselves.

  2. An initial appointment will be offered, usually within a week, if there is a vacancy. This first session will provide you an opportunity to meet and ask any questions, as well as to jointly assess, whether therapy or counselling may be useful for you at this time.

  3. Where appropriate, psychotherapy (or counselling) will be offered to you. But if it is felt, after careful discussion together, that these would not be appropriate at the moment, other forms of help can be considered and discussed together, and a next step identified.


Clients will usually arrange to attend for one session per week, keeping consistency to time and day where possible. This regularity may hopefully enhance the experience of emotional containment and ‘holding’.